Our Services


Expert in creating a new look based on the lifestyle of each individual client, Marcio Domingues re-invents new styles for each person.

Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Our salon also specialises in making your eyes as beautiful as possible. The main services we offer are: eyelash lengthening, eyebrow design and permanent make-up, among others.

Make Up

Whether for a wedding, graduation or just for a visit to the beach, each occasion deserves a special kind of make-up. As well as choosing and applying the perfect type of make-up for each occasion, Marcio Domingues specialises in bridal beauty, with make-up and other kinds of preparation for the wedding day.

Our Prices

Hair Stylist from
Haircut 30€
Male haircut 25€
Brush 30€
Colouring 45€
Wicks 65€
Shampoo and special mask 10€
Hydration 30€
Shampoo and ampoule 25€
Relaxation 45€
Keratin 120€
Hairstyle 50€
Make up & Face from
Make up 50€

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